By Anna Russell
The Esport season for 2023 has wrapped up with the final round of the Tri NZ Esport Racing Series. 

The last round really tested the riders with courses taking them across Italy, Watopia, Yorkshire, France and Scotland. A series born out of the pandemic it is now in its fourth year with solid participation, in part from the dedication of Zwift clubs such as NZBRO. 

Through the long NZ winter, this series offers the opportunity for people to engage, connect and enjoy competition with friends from all around the country. With the Tri NZ Suzuki Series underway, it’s always a highlight to see Zwift competitors duke it out on the tarmac.

A big congratulations to all of the podium placegetters.  To find out more about the series, head to our the dedicated Esport section on HERE or contact

Tri NZ Esport Racing SeriesIndividual Series’ Podiums

1. Alex Rawlinson
2. Emily Molloy
3. Nicole Wilson 

1. James Barnes
2. Fin Orr
3. Richard Barry / Ben Ruthe

1. Lisa Cross
2. Olivia Dixon
3. Anna Kuegler 

1. Jurie Kruger
2. Justin Roy
3. Ken Allen

1. Lauren Revie
2. Emma Porter
3. Rachel Mayhew      


1. Scott Wilson
2. Ryan Dagooc
3. Mike Henry

1. Jessie Noone
2. Liz Millow
3. Michele Allison        

1. C J Maunsell
2. Wil Verar
3. Grant Utteridge

Tri NZ Affiliated Clubs
1. Tri Wellington                    981 points
2. Triathlon Tauranga            823 pts
3. Auckland City Tri Club       604 pts

Tri NZ Accredited Coach Groups
1. Foot Traffic                        1421 pts
2. CK Coaching                     620   pts
3. Twisted Sisters                 446   pts

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