Coaching Accreditation

Our foundation level coaching course ensures minimum operating standards for Tri NZ accredited coaches. This will make sure that participants in the sport of triathlon are coached safely and in a manner that promotes athlete wellbeing. It is a requirement of Tri NZ club affiliation that only Tri NZ accredited coaches are able to coach, train or instruct athletes at that club.

Foundation Coaching Course

The purpose of the Foundation Level Coaching Accreditation is to equip those individuals interested in coaching triathlon with the fundamental coaching knowledge to conduct training sessions in a safe and athlete-centric manner. 

The foundation coaching course is open to any New Zealand Resident and is offered as a distance learning package at a cost of $95 + GST per candidate. The successful completion of this course will enable the candidate to satisfy the qualification requirement to register as an accredited coach with Tri NZ and enjoy the associated benefits.

Coach Registration and Membership


All Tri NZ Accredited Coaches are required to complete an annual registration process and pay the coach membership fee.  This ensures all accredited coaches meet the following minimum standards of operation:

  • Have completed a Tri NZ recognised coaching qualification
  • Agree to comply with the minimum operational health and safety requirements as required by the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015
  • Agree to comply with the Tri NZ Coaches’ Code of Ethical Behaviours
  • Police vetting (cost covered by membership fee)
  • Be a current TRIBE member


Total cost is $65.25/yr for coaches who are members of an affiliated club and $90.25/yr for non club members, includes:
  • TRIBE membership of $25 (club members) and $50 (non club members)
  • Accreditation fee of $40.25 (includes police vetting cost)

Coaches who have no previous accreditation are required to complete a Foundation Coaching Course at one off cost of $95 + GST before they can register as a Tri NZ coach.

*Please note all Tri NZ accredited coaches must abide by the Tri NZ Code of Conduct and be police vetted as per the Tri NZ Vetting Policy and Procedure.



Option to uptake competitive Coaching Insurance Cover, currently covering:

  • Public & Products Liability – Limit $2,000,000; Excess $500
  • Statutory Liability – Limit $500,000; Excess $500
  • Professional Indemnity – Limit $500,000; Excess $2500

Training Peaks 20% Coaching Discount

  • 20% discount off the cost of Coach Edition subscriptions
  • Please contact for how to access this discount

Professional recognition by Triathlon New Zealand as an Accredited Coach

  • Ability to submit a Coach Profile to be featured on Tri NZ website
  • Ability to use all relevant Tri NZ coaching logos
  • Ability to coach at Tri NZ affiliated clubs