Technical Officials

Technical Officials play a vital role in the triathlon community; they help develop athletes by ensuring all participants observe the spirit of the competition, in the safe running of events nationwide and the continuous improvement of events through their reports which are used to identify areas for improvement in the following year. 


Tri NZ is committed to developing Technical Officials and ensuring that they are appropriately accredited. The pathway is fundamental to contributing to the Oceania Regions Technical Official capability and the ITU Global Technical Official capability. 


The Tri NZ Technical Program has had much success with officials appointed to officiate at ITU events, Olympic and the Commonwealth Games.


If you want to read more about our Technical Pathway, please see the below documents, and if you are interested in becoming an official click here.


Officials (as at July 2018)

Adam Cowie

Alice Perry

Alison Feeney

Annabel Lush

Beverley Hussey

Bill Babe

Carlton Oliver

Cassandra Horton

Cathy O’Rourke

Claire Jennings

David Liddiard

Diane Hutchinson

Gazel Makea

Gillian Smith

Graeme Paulger

Helen Majorhazi

John Van der Kaay

Jozef Bothmer

Karl Nicholson

Leeanne Hooper

Leigh Davidson

Malcolm Elley

Maria Barnes

Mark Evans

Margriet Lynch

Mary Marshall

Michael Ives

Michelle Selby

Murray Rasmussen

Nicola McAra

Paul Howells

Pauline Warbrick

Rob Wills

Rochelle Addenbrooke

Sally Rassmussen

Samantha Owles

Sarah Saunderson-Warner

Sean Barnes

Sean Colyer

Stan Barnes

Stu Cottam

Vicki McNaught

Vivienne Hutchinson

Adair Craik

Christian Couper

Gail Hussey

Gaye Scott

Georgina Workman

Kyle Davey

Lance Gillespie

Philip Barlow

Brent Hussey

Brian Lenehan

Bryan Dunphy

Cathi Davey

Claire Hannan

Clare Davey

Clive Shingleton

Jan Robinson

Jane Loughnan

Juliet Fahey

Ken O’Rourke

Kevin Symes

Lisa Shingleton

Mel Schroeder

Paul Burns

Phillip Dally

Ross Capill

Samantha Bothmer

Sarah Jenkins

Shanelle Barrett

Todd Skilton

Tony Sangster