Here at Tri NZ, we’re unashamedly biased when it comes to our favourite kicks. But sometimes a sponsor deserves some special kudos so, ahem, step forward ASICS New Zealand.

ASICS is on a mission to get as many Kiwis moving as possible. Last year that saw New Zealanders collectively move over 250,000km’s as part of the company’s ‘ASICS 2×5 Habit’.

Using the RunKeeper app, participants were encouraged to run 5km’s twice a week. Even ASICS NZ was “humbled” by the take up and the cool takeaway was that more than 39 percent of participants who completed the challenge were new to running or inconsistent runners/walkers prior to signing up.

Further to this, 98 percent of participants who finished the challenge said that being part of the program helped them move more in 2022 and 99 percent said they’d recommend the 2×5 Habit to a friend, family member or colleague.

We’re here too to recommend ASICS 2×5 Habit for those new to triathlon or already fully engaged in the sport. And why wouldn’t you want to be involved? In addition to getting or keeping in shape, there are weekly ASICS treats on the line, monthly shoe giveaways and the grand prize of an all-expenses-paid trip for two to Rarotonga!

So jump to it Tribe Nation, click here to register for your healthy new ‘ASICS 2×5 Habit’

For those using a smartwatch, Runkeeper syncs with Apple, Garmin and Fitbit and you can run it concurrently with other tracking apps if you want (eg Strava).

But don’t take our word for it. Check out the participant testimonies at the ASICS 2×5 Habit page HERE.

Good on ya ASICS!

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