Setting up the perfect Zwift pain cave

Triathletes have always loved themselves a great pain cave set up.  From the early Cateyes to the Computrainers, hours spent at TT pace staring at a wall has been the bread and butter of triathlete training plans for years.  Things have changed in this space dramatically with the advent of virtual training platforms such as Zwift.  It may still be called the pain cave but setups nowadays are anything but a cave.  From LED lights to specific built PCs to 50” TV monitors the modern indoor training setup has become a piece of art.  So what does it take to create this ultimate experience?

  1. An online training platform

By far the most popular and immersive training platforms used by Triathletes is Zwift.  With both running and cycling, and it’s use in the Super League Arena Games, it is perfect for those sweet spot TT intervals.  You can also use the ‘Join Zwifter’ function and ride with some of your heroes while they are out training. 

  • A Computer or Device

Apple TV or an iPad is the most cost-effective Zwift device you can use at a relatively inexpensive price tag (apple TV comes in at around $279NZD). Although this does come at a price and that is in graphics capability.  If you are a closet gamer, or just love a crisp and clear picture, then a gaming style PC or laptop is the way to go.  You can see every minute detail in the World around you, a truly immersive experie

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