When did you first start competing in triathlons?

I was originally a competitive swimmer during high school but I did a few of the Southland schools triathlons. I picked up cycling in 2022 and have raced a few mountain bike events here and there. My first “proper” race was the Aquabike at Challange Wanaka in 2023. I started running in 2023 but had a nasty MTB crash later in the year which put me out of action for three months. After a long build, I finally managed to race the Aquabike in Wanaka again and link together all three disciplines at Ironman 70.3 NZ in March this year.

·        What’s one highlight of your triathlon journey so far that stands out to you?

A highlight for me is being the first Kiwi across the line at the Aquabike race at Challange Wanaka in 2024 and taking home the national title.

·        What’s your ‘day job’ out of triathlon, and how do you balance it with your training and racing goals?

I’m currently in my 4th and final year of studying Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch. My days can be pretty jam-packed with lectures, assignments and projects so fitting training in can be a challenge. I find getting stuck into a training session after a long day at uni can be a good escape.

·        What do you consider the best thing about representing the TRI NZ Age-Group Team?

Being able to represent the team is awesome. It will be my first time racing overseas so very excited to visit some new places and represent NZ. I have to give a huge thanks to Garth Barfoot who generously sponsored the Aquabike Prize. I wouldn’t be able to race in Townsville without his help!

·        What is your favourite race that you’ve competed in?

Only raced a few so far – both the Aquabike at Challenge Wanaka and Ironman 70.3 NZ in Taupo were awesome races.

·        Do you have any specific goals for the future?

Executing good races at Townsville (cross tri and Aquabike) is the next target. Beyond that, I am working on my run at the moment to hopefully be able to put together a good Half in early 2025.

·        Can you share a funny or memorable moment from one of your races?

Nothing ever goes 100% to plan so definitely a few funny stories to tell. One to note is when both my behind-the-saddle bottles decided to self-eject in Wanaka this year in the first 10k of the bike leg. All my nutrition was in these bottles so was very grateful for the aid stations and volunteers who got me through the race!

·        Can you share a piece of wisdom that you’ve gained from your triathlon journey?

My top tip for seeing improvements is to train with people who push you consistently. This is a great way to make sure you are giving every session a nudge and is a good way to see progress.

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