Changing her life from ‘corporate executive’ to ‘triathlete’, Ally communicates with passion and enthusiasm. She shares her phenomenal knowledge and experience with all those who dare to believe that they too can do something extraordinary in their sporting endeavors. Ally offers quality one-on-one swim instruction and triathlon coaching in a quiet, private environment. Established in 2005 Ally continues to help swimmers and triathletes with outstanding results – beginner to elite. Triathlon Coaching: Elite Juniors/U23 and age groupers wishing to improve to world champ’s qualification Swim technique coaching: Adults not wishing to learn to swim in a public environment Competitive children who wish to fast-track learning in addition to squad sessions All swimmers and triathletes who want to improve technique and confidence Teenagers wanting to move from a swim or surf background into triathlon Swimmers with over-use injuries requiring technique adjustments Athletes with injuries or conditions who need to swim for effective rehabilitation Adults and children with disabilities Club: Hibiscus Coast Harriers & Triathlon Club