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• Eight events locked in for 2024-25
• World Triathlon Championship qualifier clarity
• Events to alternate annually between North & South Islands 

New season to open at Auckland City Duathlon on August 4

Auckland (May 20) – An infusion of prestige, a simplified World Triathlon championships selection process, enhanced event sustainability and the equitable sharing of key races between the North and South Islands.

Age groupers and event providers asked and Triathlon New Zealand has delivered with a streamlined schedule for its showpiece age group national championships.

The Tri NZ Suzuki Series will feature eight events over as many race days at six locations in 2024-25, beginning at the NZ Sprint Duathlon  & Schools Championships at Ambury Park in Mangere Bridge, Auckland on August 4.

Anna Russell, Tri NZ’s GM of Community, is confident the scheduling tweaks will drive participation spikes domestically – and aboard. 

Newcomers are encouraged to give triathlon a go at Tri NZ Suzuki Series events or at shorter, beginner friendly options tagged to every event. Russell likewise wants more Kiwi age groupers to discover the thrill of donning the Silver Fern at World Triathlon championships.

As such, a simplified primary qualifier strategy has been implemented for those hoping to race at the World Triathlon Multisport Championships in Pontevedra, Spain in June 2025 and the World Triathlon Age Group Championships – Wollongong in October next year.

The NZ Standard Distance Triathlon Championships and NZ Sprint Distance Triathlon Championships in Tauranga (Nov. 24) and Napier (Feb. 23) respectively will serve as  qualifiers for Wollongong. All the other Tri NZ Suzuki Series events, excluding NZ Schools Triathlon, serve as qualifiers for Pontevedra.

Previously, there had been a slew of secondary qualifiers at North and South Island championships in addition to the main qualifier, dilating the prestige of Tri NZ’s National Championships.

Also gone from last season are the standard distance duathlon, mid distance aquabike and long-distance triathlon National Championships, the latter previously incorporated into Ironman New Zealand.

Age groupers hoping to qualify for World Triathlon Championship slots in aquabike will still have selection races at the Mount Festival of Multisport (mid aquabike) and the Kinloch Triathlon Festival (standard aquabike). Options for a cross triathlon qualifier are under review.

History records a significant participation uptick at Tri NZ Suzuki Series events when a World Triathlon Championship is held in the southern hemisphere in the corresponding year.With Wollongong locked in for World Triathlon’s 2025 season ending showcase, the reimagined qualification pathway could not be more timely. 

“We have a huge opportunity with the sprint and standard distance World Triathlon Age Group Championships happening on our doorstep in 2025, so I’m excited to see this streamlined Tri NZ Suzuki Series being delivered in the upcoming season” Russell said.

“From our recent participation survey, it came across loud and clear that athletes want more prestige at our national championship events and less dilution. “  

Having raced for New Zealand on the Gold Coast in 2008 and 2018, Russell knows first-hand the huge impact a “local” World Triathlon Championships can have at grass-roots level. 

The early release of the 2024-25 schedule will allow age groupers ample time to lock in their season schedule and associated travel. This in turn allows Tri NZ and the wider community to support and make events more sustainable for the sport’s critically important event providers.

Outside of the NZ Sprint Distance Triathlon Championships in Napier for the next two years, all other events will alternate between Islands.

Some of these dual host agreements are already in place, including the NZ Standard Distance Triathlon Championship which will return to Triathlon Tauranga’s popular Tinman Triathlon this November before the Canterbury Classic hosts in the 2025-26 season.

Likewise, the NZ Mid Distance Triathlon Championship will again be run within the Tauranga Half at the Mount Festival of Multisport on February 18 before alternating to Canterbury’s The OxMan in 2025-26.

“With laser focus on our key Tri NZ Suzuki Series events and qualifiers, I hope to see a real bump in participation and competitive spirit,” Russell said. 

“Bring it on and see you on the start line.”

Tri NZ Suzuki Series – 2024/25 Schedule

August 4:
 NZ Sprint & Schools Duathlon Championships (Ambury Park/Auckland City Tri Club) – also qualifier for duathlon world champs pontevedra
November 24: NZ Standard Distance Triathlon Championships  (Tinman Triathlon) 1
November 24: NZ Para Sprint Triathlon Championships (Tinman Triathlon/sprint)

January 18: NZ Mid Distance Triathlon Championships (Mount Festival of Multisport) 2
February 15-16: NZ Aquathlon Championships (Kinloch Triathlon Festival) 3
February 23: NZ Sprint Distance Triathlon Championship (Napier Triathlon Festival) 4
March 27-28: Bay Radiology NZ Schools Triathlon Championships (Glendhu Bay)

Qualifier NB:

1. Qualifier for the World Triathlon Age ChampionshipsWollongong (Oct 2025) – Standard Distance triathlon
2. Qualifier for the World Championship Multisport Championships Pontevedra (June 20-29)- Long Distance Triathlon
3. Qualifier for the World Championship Multisport Championships Pontevedra (June 20-29) – Aquathlon 
4. Qualifier for the World Triathlon Age ChampionshipsWollongong (Oct 2025) – Sprint Triathlon


For more information, please contact:
Anna Russell
Tri NZ GM of Community

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