Silas Cullen

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Writing a training programme is one thing, but understanding an athlete is quite another. Silas uses a holistic approach to coaching. When prescribing training Silas takes into account anything that takes up time and energy in an individual’s life, and moulds the training around that. The most well thought out training in the world, will be a waste of time if it doesn’t fit perfectly into the life of whom it is prescribed. A programme should be a reflection of someone’s physiology, psychology and also, very importantly, the external load they are under from family, work, stress, commute time and so on. Silas takes ALL this information and adapts and refines training with the goal of translating training time and effort into performance improvement, results and life changing experiences.

“The harder you think, the faster you go”



  • BSR
  • Dip Rec Man
  • Tri NZ Level 2 coach
  • Bike NZ Level 2 coach