Mike Wright

Region : Waikato

Club : Hamilton Triathlon Club

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Email : kiwi.wrights@gmail.com

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A highly motivated athlete and coach loves helping others with their training and reaching their goals.

Mike is a competitive age grouper racer that balances his training with the demands of working full time and his wife and 3 kids.

Mike enjoys seeing athletes achieve what they want by developing individualised training plans based on the athlete’s ability, goals, and time available.  Excellent at analysing data (HR, Power, etc) where its available and keeping the training interesting, challenging, rewarding, and achievable.

Athletes wanting to take the step into more serious and structured training should make contact.


  • Accredited TRINZ coach
  • 10 years experience including:
  • 8x Ironman finisher (2x Kona) with a PB of 9:25 (Taupo Ironman 2019)
  • 20+ Half Ironman finisher (AG winner) with a PB of 4:18 (Tauranga 2019


Hamilton Triathlon Club

Region: Waikato

City: Hamilton

Accredited Coaches

Mike Wright