James Kuegler

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Coaching Philosophy
Dr. James Kuegler’s (Chiro.) coaching philosophy stems from the belief that maximum growth occurs on the border of support and challenge. This belief is applicable not just to coaching, but to every aspect of life. With this in mind James works very hard to find the balance between pushing an athlete to their limits and supporting them along the way.As a coach, Kuegler takes great pride in assisting everyday folk, to achieve extra-ordinary feats. James is inspired by the numerous examples of athletes becoming role models for the family, community, and in their professional life as a result of their commitment and dedication to their goals.James’ chiropractic studies taught him the importance of developing efficiency. This starts from the ground up, and must include efficient technique, adequate strength, mobile joints, and flexible muscles. James is able to speak about efficiency from a place of authority, and regularly delivers seminars and workshops on the topic. Efficiency also serves as the easiest way to develop untrained speed.


  • Bachelor of Chiropractic
  • Diploma of Applied Science
  • Triathlon NZ Level II Coach
  • Athletics NZ Gold Coach Member
  • (enrolled) International Certification of Chiropractic Sports Practitioner

Coaching Experience:

Have worked with a wide range of athletes, from beginners to international elites.

Specialist Knowledge:

Running Technique. Qualified Health, Optimisation & Rehabilitation Guidance

Sporting History

James comes from a keen sporting family, so from a very young age he was encouraged to get involved in any and every sport. His youth was a mixture of many sports with a particular interest in rugby, tennis, orienteering, and fostering his love of the outdoors.

After leaving high school Kuegler decided to train for and complete the Coast to Coast. Over the course of his training for the Coast to Coast, James realised that was able to be competitive.

Kuegler has been training and racing at a high level ever since. In 2011 James was selected to representing New Zealand at the 2011 Commonwealth Mountain & Ultra-Distance Championships.

Sporting Achievements
  • 1st Tarawera Ultra-Marathon. 60km. 2012
  • 14th Commonwealth Trail Championships. 2011
  • 2nd Coast to Coast. Two-Day. 2010
  • 1st T42. Off-Road Marathon. 2011
  • 1st The DUAL. Off-Road Marathon. 2011
  • 1st Xterra Auckland Trail Run Series. 2011
  • 8th Coast to Coast. One-Day. 2011
  • 5th Auckland Marathon. 2009