Gene McNaught

Region : Wellington

Club : Wellington Triathlon Club

Phone : +642102360596

Email :

Skype : gene.mcnaught


Gene has been involved in multisport and triathlon for a very long time, initially as an athlete but these days mostly as a coach, with the occasional race thrown in each season to “keep his athletes on their toes”. He understands that life can get busy so he tailors his training programmes to fit around your work, family and social commitments. Gene takes a “hands on” approach to coaching, swimming, cycling and running alongside his athletes to ensure they get the most out of their training. He was previously coached, and is now mentored by, Justin Trolle who was the Athlete Development Manager for USA Triathlon.

Gene is the Head Coach of Mc0 coaching (McNaught coaching) – Wellington based and caters for all disciplines and abilities. creating a supportive, nurturing,  fun training environment. Gene was the head coach for Capital Sports Performance (CSP), and they were the inaugural winners of the TriNZ Coach Group in 2017.


  • Tri NZ Level 2 Accredited Coach (under old framework)
  • Bike NZ Level 1 Certified Coach



Mc0 Coaching

Region: Wellington

City: Wellington

Wellington Triathlon Club

Region: Wellington

City: Wellington