The Tri NZ eSport Race Series 2022 p/b Domestique

Welcome to the Annual Triathlon NZ Wednesday night race series brought to you by Domestique.  If you haven’t registered for any Tri NZ eSeries before, or your details have changed i.e. your club, please REGISTER HERE.


The series will run every Wednesday from June 8th to July 13th at 7.20pm with the best four races counting toward individual and team league points.  All races will be broadcast live on the Tri NZ Facebook page with prizes on offer for all Triathlon NZ members competing. Podium place getters will be published on the Triathlon NZ Facebook Page following that event along with a link to full league results.

COURSE: Neokyo All Nighter

ENTRY LINK: Women’s | Men’s

RESULTS LINK: Women’s | Men’s

BONUS POINTS: Alley Sprint | Tower Sprint | Rooftop KQOM| (First 5 across line in each cat)

COURSE: Climbers Gambit

ENTRY LINK: Women’s | Men’s

RESULTS LINK: Women | Men | Team Standings

BONUS POINTS: Watopia Sprint Rev | Titans Grove KQOM | Epic KQOM (First 5 across line in each cat)

COURSE: Richmond Rollercoaster

ENTRY LINK: Women | Men


BONUS POINTS: Lap Sprint x 3* (First 5 across line)

*1 = Lead-in sprint to start lap 1, 2 = end first lap, 3 = end second lap, finish line sprint only for finish points

COURSE: Temples and Towers

ENTRY LINK: Women’s | Men’s

RESULTS LINK: Women’s | Men’s

BONUS POINTS: Rooftop KQOM | Castle KQOM | Temple KQOM Rev (First 5 across line in each cat)

COURSE: Downtown Titans

ENTRY LINK: Women’s | Men’s

RESULTS LINK: Women’s | Men’s

BONUS POINTS: Titans Grove KQOM| Watopia Sprint | Watopia KQOM (First 5 across line in each cat)

COURSE: Greatest London Loop

ENTRY LINK: Women’s | Men’s

RESULTS LINK: Women’s | Men’s

BONUS POINTS: Leith Hill KQOM| (First 5 across line in each cat)


  • Events start at 7.20pm (make sure you’re on Zwift at least 10mins prior)
  • Categories are A, B, C, D (Women’s racing has A&B and C&D grouped together
  • All competitors need to opt-in to ZwiftPower (see How-To Guide)
  • Please click here to register for the 2022 season (if you have never registered for a Tri NZ eSeries before)
  • Race entry links will be available here and emailed out to those registered

We use standard category limits which are based on your FTP (95% of your peak 20min power output) divided by your weight.  To get a result in the League you need to link your Zwift profile to (see How-To Guide).



We welcome all to join the Wednesday night series, why not come and give this innovative platform a go!

It is not only a great way of getting a quick intensive work out if you are short of time but also a way to meet like-minded new friends from across NZ and the globe.

Check out our Guide to Zwift by clicking the link below:

Full guide to rules and points information is available HERE, please read.  The below is a summary.


  • You must be a Triathlon NZ member (select social membership if you are just participating in the Zwift Series – $10/yr)
  • All riders must opt-in to ZwiftPower
  • Participants must enter the correct category as indicated above [Determining your Race Category]
    • Race #1 includes a long climb that will be used to inform race category (for those new to Zwift racing)
    • For those that upgrade category during the season they will be moved up a category and lose points gained in lower category racing (so if you are on the cusp, go up a category)
  • Choosing a lower category than what your ZwiftPower profile states will lead to disqualification
  • zPower riders (those not on smart trainers or with power meters) will be allowed in results but not podiums
  • Height and Weight data entered in Zwift must be accurate and up-to-date, all top 5 finishers in each category are subject to height and weight verification


We use standard category limits which are based on your FTP (95% of your best 20min power output) divided by your weight.  There is a slight difference between the women’s and men’s categories as per below.


Categories MEN Categories WOMEN
(A) 4.0 W/kg FTP or higher
(B) 3.2 W/kg to 3.99 W/kg FTP
(C) 2.5 W/kg to 3.19 W/kg FTP
(D) Under 2.49 W/kg FTP
(A) 3.7 W/kg FTP or higher
(B) 3.2 W/kg to 3.69 W/kg FTP
(C) 2.5 W/kg to 3.19 W/kg FTP
(D) below 2.49 W/kg FTP


You must race in the category that is indicated in your profile data on  ZwiftPower continuously monitors your performance and calculates your category on a rolling basis for the last 90 days.  Examples below:



Once Registered connect your Zwiftpower and Zwift accounts:

WKG: exceeded category power limits

UPG: rider has entered a category lower than what ZwiftPower profile identified


  • Feather Lightweight: the Feather (Lightness) PowerUp reduces a percentage of your weight. Perfect for climbing, it offers all riders a helpful assist while heading up an incline.
  • Truck Draft Boost (van): Perfect for those trying to get that extra edge, this PowerUp cranks up the draft effect your avatar experiences for 30 whole seconds.
  • Aero Boost (helmet): A consistent favorite, the Aero Boost decreases air resistance and makes you more aerodynamic for 15 seconds. Be sure to use it at higher speeds like flats and descents.
  • Breakaway Burrito: with the Burrito, drafting is disabled for all riders in a small radius around you. For 10 whole seconds, Zwifters in the immediate area will have to rely on their legs and lungs only—no drafting allowed.
  • Invisibility (ghost): Invisibility turns you invisible to other riders for 10 seconds. This is especially helpful when you want to break away from one or more riders.
  • Steamroller: This 30-second boost reduces rolling resistance in a big way—you go as fast as you would on a nice bit of tarmac.
  • Anvil: perfect for speed demons, the Anvil PowerUp makes you heavier for 30 seconds to descend faster on declines. Think of it as the opposite of the lightweight Feather PowerUp.

By default, PowerUps are randomly awarded when you go through a start/finish, KOM, or sprint arch.  If you have an unused PowerUp as you pass through an arch, you won’t receive a new one.


To activate your PowerUp just hit the spacebar on your keyboard (PC/Mac), select the PowerUp icon (iOS, tvOS), or tap to activate on the Companion app.

  • Why am I not listed in the results? – Did you register before the race?  Make sure you REGISTER HERE. Did you opt-in to ZwiftPower? Make sure you follow instructions here to OPT-IN.  If you’ve done both of those please contact
  • Why are my points totals not adding up to what I think it should based on my placings? – This may be because on the odd occasion someone has forgotten to register or accidentally entered the wrong category. After the race their result has been put into the right category based on their time, this may change the points.  This will likely just happen for the first race when we have some leeway for those new to this type of series.
  • I haven’t raced enough on Zwift to be given a Zwiftpower Category, what category should I enter? – The results of race 1, the long climb, will be used to inform your race category if you don’t have a category on Zwiftpower yet.  However if anyone has obviously gone easy on the first race to be in a lower category for the series then we will adjust accordingly.
  • What happens if my fitness improves over the series and I start putting out better power than my category limits? – If you are disqualified by Zwiftpower for a power upgrade (UPG) in races 2-4 (race 1 is open category E) then you will lose the points you’ve gained in the category you’ve raced in and will be moved up to the next category.  If you are disqualified for a power upgrade in races 5 or 6 you will be able to stay within your category for the remainder of the series, and if you qualify for the eTRI event will compete in that first category.