Tri NZ Suzuki National Elite Series

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Triathlon New Zealand Suzuki National Elite Series

Tri NZ are excited to announce the Tri NZ Suzuki National Elite Series to run this season alongside the National and Junior Series.

This series is open to all athletes wanting to compete at the next level and test yourself against some of the most promising NZ Triathletes to win prize money and the title.


Any athletes wishing to race for the title can compete, you don’t need to be a carded athlete or be a member of the Triathlon NZ HP Programme.


There are 5 epic events across the country to compete at, from Tauranga in the North, to Timaru in the South, there is an event for everyone!


To be crowned National Elite Series Champion each event will nominate one targeted race where points are up for grabs, with the best 3 results from the 5 events in the series to be counted towards the overall series points. Check out the full details on how the points work below.


Now the most exciting part – THE PRIZES – We could not create an exciting Elite Series without having some prizes up for grabs!

  • Series Champion Male and Female: $1,000
  • 2nd Male and Female: $800
  • 3rd Male and Female: $600
  • 4th Male and Female: $400
  • 5th Male and Female: $200

Points are gained from ONE targeted race at each event of the Tri NZ Suzuki National Elite Series.


EXAMPLE: If an event offers multiple races such as, sprint triathlon, open water swim and a duathlon – if the target race specified is the sprint race, then only the sprint race will count towards the Elite Series Points Table.


Races and targeted events involved are:

Tinman Triathlon – Sunday 8th Nov 2020 – Standard Triathlon

Manawatu Junior Triathlon League – Sunday 20th Dec 2020 – Sprint Triathlon

Blue Lake Festival – Sunday 31st Jan 2021 – Sprint Triathlon

Timaru South Island National Series – Sunday 7th Feb 2021 – Sprint Triathlon

Kinloch Triathlon Festival – Sunday 14th Feb 2021 – Standard Triathlon


A total of your best 3 events from Tinman Triathlon, Manawatu Junior Triathlon League, Blue Lake Multisport Festival, Timaru Triathlon and Kinloch Triathlon Festival, will be counted towards an athletes overall series points.


ELITE Series Point Tie Break

If at the end of the Elite Series there are two athletes on equal points (tie break), the winner will be determined by meeting the following criteria:

    • Highest average placing across their best 3 events
    • Then most wins
    • Then most top 2 results
    • Then most top 3 results
    • When athletes are tied for a single position (after stepping through all the above criteria), the prize money for each of those athletes is the evenly divided amount of the total money the athletes would have been awarded had they all finished separately.