Tri NZ Suzuki Junior Series Championship

Triathlon New Zealand Suzuki Junior Series Championship

Tri NZ are very excited to announce a new and exciting Junior Series for the 2020/21 season.

This series has been created to encourage the development of our promising athletes and reward them with some epic prizes.


Open to both U16 and U19 athletes, there are 5 events across the country to compete at, from Rotorua in the North, to Timaru in the South, there is an event for everyone!


Not only can you race at each event, but you will be able to hone your skills to become even more competitive, as each event will host a development opportunity. Workshops will be held with topics ranging from nutrition and race specific skills such as open water swimming, with also the opportunity for parents to sit in on a development pathway session.


To be crowned National Junior Series Champion each event will nominate one targeted race where points are up for grabs, with a total of 3 events from the series to be counted towards the overall series points. Check out the full details on how the points work below.


Now the most exciting part THE PRIZES – We could not create a new exciting Junior Series without having some impressive prizes, could we!


U19 Athletes

  • Series Champion Male and Female: $750 Campaign Credit* + Prize Pack
  • 2nd Male and Female: $500 Campaign Credit* + Prize Pack
  • 3rd Male and Female: $250 Campaign Credit* + Prize Pack


Additionally: The top 6 U19 Male and Female will receive an opportunity to train in the Cambridge HP environment for a weekend. – Travel/accommodation self-funded, with all food, and experience costs covered by Tri NZ.


*Campaign Credit Conditions

  1. To be used towards targeted Oceania or Asian Campaign in alignment with Tri NZ Talent Development programme
  2. Will be an expectation to provide quarterly updates to Tri NZ Talent Development manager via video conference and distributed to wider community


U16 Athletes

  • Series Champion Male and Female: Credit for free entry into all Junior Series races for the next season + Prize Pack
  • 2nd Male and Female: Credit for free entry into two Junior Series races for the next season + Prize Pack
  • 3rd Male and Female: Credit for free entry into one Junior Series races for the next season + Prize Pack

Points are gained from ONE targeted race at each event of the Tri NZ Suzuki Junior Series.


EXAMPLE: If an event offers multiple races such as, sprint triathlon, open water swim and a duathlon – if the target race specified is the sprint race, then only the sprint race will count towards the Junior Series Points Table.


Races and targeted events involved are:

North Island:

Blue Lake Festival – Sunday 31st Jan 2021 – Sprint Triathlon (non drafting)

Kinloch Sprint Tri – Sunday 14th Feb 2021 – Sprint Triathlon (non drafting)

Tri Taranaki Festival – Saturday 27th Mar 2021 – Sprint Triathlon (draft legal)


South Island:

Timaru South Island National Series – Sunday 7th Feb 2021 – Sprint Triathlon (draft legal)

Integrity Homes Challenge Wanaka – Thursday 18th Feb 2021 – TBC


A total of 3 events from Blue Lake Multisport Festival, Kinloch Sprint Tri, Timaru SI Sprint Champs and Integrity Homes Challenge Wanaka, will be counted towards an athletes overall series points.


The Tri Taranaki Festival (Tri NZ Suzuki National Secondary School) targeted race will have double points up for grabs and becomes the final event and last chance to gain points to finish off the series with a bang.


Please note: that for North Island athletes – only one South Island event will count towards an athletes overall score and vice versa for the South Island athletes – only one North Island event will count towards an athletes overall score. *The Tri Taranaki Festival does not count towards this quota.


Junior Series Point Tie Break

If at the end of the Junior Series there are two athletes on equal points (tie break), the results from the final event (the National Secondary Schools – New Plymouth) will be utilised to determine final placings in the series.

DateEventDevelopment Session
31st Jan 21Blue Lake Multisport Festival
Sat - Aquathlon, Open Water Swim
Sun - Sprint Tri (non drafting)
Athlete Skills:
Friday - Transition Skills
Saturday - Performance Nutrition
7th Feb 21Timaru National Sprint Championship
Sprint Tri (draft legal)
Athlete Skills:
Transition and Bike Skills
14th Feb 21Kinloch Sprint Tri
Sat PM - Aquathlon
Sun - Sprint Tri (non drafting)
Athlete and Coach Skills:
Saturday - Open water swim
18th Feb 21Integrity Homes Challenge Wanaka
Athlete Skills:
Friday - Transition skills
Saturday - Performance Nutrition
28th Mar 21New Plymouth - National Secondary Schools Championship
Sat - Sprint Tri (draft legal)
Sun - Mixed Team Relay
Parent Workshop:
Developmental strategy with Tri NZ / Pathways/Self Responsible athletes

Key info about New Plymouth:

  • Only one waive start will be provided for both the Age Group U19 and Secondary Schools U19 category – this will be notified in the registration process
  • If an athlete wins the ‘event’ but is no longer a secondary schools student – they will take the National Championships Sprint U19 title but not the NZ Secondary Schools title – this Secondary Schools Title will be given to the first ‘eligible’ Secondary Schools athlete (this may be the same athlete for both titles)
  • It is noted that some may be concerned that ‘non-eligible’ Secondary Schools U19 athletes may influence/impact the outcome of the Secondary Schools race – it has been determined by the Tri NZ Talent Development Officers that:
    • this is not material and strength of field has been prioritised for the race
    • this structure best positions athletes to be able to compete in the Tag Team events the following day
    • this structure ensures the points for this race can be utilise to form part of the ‘Junior Series Points System’