TO BE THE BEST....TRAIN WITH THE BEST...TRAIN HARD ...VERY HARD G-Force remain on the leading edge of physiology, sports medicine, nutrition and biomechanics with continuing education and support from highly qualified advisors. That means you’ll receive the smartest, most precise coaching possible. The goal of coaching is to develop the ‘best you can be on race day’ Triathlete, a person who has the fitness, physical skill, knowledge, focus and confidence to accomplish his or her goals. I focus on the aerobic system, as it is the primary determinant of endurance athletic performance. The aerobic system is the most efficient energy system in the body, and it produces the fewest negative by-products. A highly developed aerobic system can tolerate an enormous load, allowing an athlete to do more work before calling on additional, more fatiguing systems for energy. The end result is greater sustained power and less overall fatigue. This new approach to training works so well because it reduces the total stress on the athlete. Old methods were too hard, too frustrating, and too demoralizing. Efficiently training your aerobic system takes precision, but is far less taxing on the mind and body than the old way. When you lower the intensity a bit, moods lift, confidence grows and athletes start reaping huge rewards. The best part about this method is that it applies to athletes of all abilities in any endurance sport because the aerobic system is easily accessible and responds quickly to training. G-Force prescribe the same workouts to elite athletes, age-group athletes with family responsibilities and 60 hour-a-week jobs. The workouts vary in length, but the goals and the relative intensities are the same. Athlete Result highlights: - BRYAN RHODES - two Elite Male Ironman wins, UK and Canada Ironman's  - SHANE REED - ITU World Cup winner Elite Male and numerous top ten placings at ITU World Triathlon Championships and ITU World Cup's - ITU Duathlon Worlds Elite Male 5th - ITU World Aquathon Champion Elite Male   - CLARK ELLICE - 3rd placing at 2006 ITU Wolrd Aquathlon Championships Lausanne , Switzerland - 4th 18-20 male 2001 ITU World Championships , Edmonton Canada   - ITU World Junior Age Group Championships Male & Female -  1st, 3rd, 4th and top ten placings over many years - the best coaching record of any TRI NZ Coach for Junior results  - ITU Age Group World Championships - over 19 Male & Female podium wins & placing  - Ironman Age Group one female win & numerous top three placings  - over 110 National Age Group Championship titles, two National Age group Over All Champions, top three placings in sprint, standard , long distance triathlon's  - Xterra Hawaii  top three Female Age Group World Champion  - ITU  World Long Distance Triathlon & Duathlon Championships 1st 20-24 female & 3rd 30-34 female just to name a few  - Sydney 2000 Olympic Coach - 2002 Commonwealth Games Coach  - NZ Coach / Manager Support to Elites at ITU World Championships from 1994 - 2008  - 2005-7 Awarded NZ Prime Ministers Coaching Scholarship to attend Loughborough University England -  GB Triathlon High Performance Centre Wales and also attend The Art & Science of Triathlon Conference , Colorado Springs USA.  - Twice Sport Taranaki Coach of The Year and nominee over past 8 years.  - Elite Coach of Tri NZ High Performance Camps held in France, Switzerland, USA, Australia  - Coached other National Federations as a Invited Coach in China - Cayman Islands - Canada - Jersey( UK ) Channel Islands   - Elite Athletes Manager to all elites at the ITU Triathlon World Cup New Plymouth 2005, 07, 09, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 Coaching Qualifications & Experience Level 3 Triathlon NZ accredited Coach NZ Age Group World Champs Selector Previous Triathlon NZ High Performance NZ carded Coach Extensive background in sports management and coaching within triathlon.