Perimeter Coaching is the brainchild of Chris Willett on his ongoing quest to ensure that athlete education stands at the forefront of coaching practice! As a qualified teacher and 8 years at the chalk-face, his mind turned to helping other athletes reach their fitness goals. Starting in the gym setting as a personal trainer in NZ and London, England, it was his move to Canada that started his real passion for endurance sports! Chris was lucky to meet the right people at the right time, and formed a partnership with his mentor, Dr. Andrew Sellars, to grow a local coaching business Balance Point Racing. Their hands on approach and dedication to push the boundaries of their own knowledge, along with their athletes, created an environment conducive to formulating advanced assessment protocols and unique coaching methods that bought about amazing results with their High Performance team. This confidence carried over and BPR quickly became a stallwart on the local scene attracting athletes of ALL abilities under their banner! With success, they slowly grew to include 4 coaches locally and 3 additional coaches across Canada, assisting over 100 athletes on their way to meet their personal goals. The move to New Zealand was a daunting one, but the athletic scene in Tauranga was so bouyant that things started rolling relatively quickly. ‘Early adopter’ athletes took the plunge and started performing as they desired to, with Kona Qualifications and National Titles in the first 6 months. Since then, the results have continued to come in all shapes and forms – and the list continues to grow in terms of achievements for the Perimeter Coaching team. Club: Triathlon Tauranga Coaching Qualifications: Bachelor of Leisure Studies Bachelor of Education FaCT Level 2 TriNZ Level 1 Coaching Experience: Full time coach for the past 10 years TriNZ Central North Island Regional Youth Academy Lead Coach Specialist Knowledge: Physiological Assessments Running Gait Analysis Certified Specialized BG Fit Master Fit Technicia Competitive Experience in Triathlon: Competing in Triathlon now for over 15yrs. Nothing results wise compares to the motivation I get from seeing other athletes reach their goals!!!