Established in 2011, Kaitiaki Endurance Sports is a group that trains and competes with a purpose. Our mission is to encourage more people to immerse themselves in nature through physical activity, whilst taking action to preserve the environment. Kaitiaki is the Māori term for a person or group that acts as a guardian for the sky, sea and land… and we’re extending this to our personal wellbeing. Kaitiakitanga is the process and practice of conserving the environment, and as athletes, we are well primed to care about nature; this is our playground. We need to be more cognizant of nature and the entire biodiversity inhabiting it. Kaitiaki Endurance Sports provides endurance sports coaching and plant-based sports nutrition services that will enhance one’s health and wellness, and athletic performance. Sport has the reach and an ability to influence; we use this platform to inspire a better and more sustainable future for personal and planetary health. COACHING QUALIFICATIONS & EXPERIENCE Tri NZ Level 3 Accredited Coach XTERRA Certified Coach Cycling NZ Certified Coach Sport for Sustainable Development Micro-Credential Vegan Nutritionist Diploma Sports Nutrition Business Diploma Foundations in Heart Rate Variability No Exceptions Training Certified Coaching Group: Katitiaki Endurance Sports