National Championships

The 2017-18 Triathlon New Zealand National Championship races have been selected to provide top class racing experiences, giving all our members the opportunity of winning a national title and medal. All events will be announced very shortly with Mid and Long Distance events already announced below.

2017-18 Season

National Championship Event Date
Sprint Duathlon Pukekohe Duathlon Championships August 6 2017
Schools Duathlon Pukekohe Duathlon Championships August 6 2017
Long Distance Ironman New Zealand March 3 2018
Mid Distance Challenge Wanaka February 17 2018

To enter the Triathlon New Zealand National Championships, you must be both a legal resident or citizen of New Zealand and hold a valid Triathlon New Zealand membership.


When entering the race you must supply your Triathlon New Zealand (TRIBE) membership number to the event organiser via the entry system, failure to do so may result in you not being eligible to be awarded a National Championship medal.