Meet the Coach - Tony Dodds

Published Date: 10 February, 2022
Most of you will not need to be introduced to Tony “Doddsy” Dodds, but for those of you not familiar with this popular face from the world of Triathlon, Tony was a professional triathlete for 13 years! He represented New Zealand at two Commonwealth Games and an Olympic Games and has been coaching for over six years now. He has learnt a hell of a lot  (his words) from other athletes and different coaches and is now incorporating that into his business. “Balance is key!”, says Tony.

He tells us a bit more about himself and why he loves being a coach!

– What do you find is the most rewarding part about coaching?

Seeing peoples lives change outside of the sport, for example – eating better, feeling better, family time is more manageable. It makes them better organised, and I love seeing that.

– What are your goals for both yourself and your athletes?

For myself, it is to keep learning off anybody, and anybody that may have a different view, trial it out and see if it works.

With the athletes, I would love to coach someone to the Olympics. But more than that, I would love to mould them into young compassionate and dedicated professionals later on in life, like John Hellemans did to me.

– How would you describe your role to someone thinking about becoming a coach and working with young athletes?

My role is to nurture these athletes, teach them about values during their teenage years and not push them towards exhaustion and blowout.

– Sum yourself up with three words

Organised, unorganised, dedicated.

– Tell us what it means to you to be a Tri NZ coach?

I think this is a great ticket to have, this let’s people know that you are qualified to be teaching athletes. We don’t want a coach that has no integrity, no compassion, no boundaries in this sport. So to have tests and certification for this is outstanding.

– Tell us a bit about yourself…

I’m an outdoors person that loves to hunt, explore, and push the limits to my body and mind.
My perfect place would be on a mountain in a wooden cabin with no Internet!

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