What we know so far:

Event Date: Early October 2024

World Championship Event Schedule


Qualifying for the Team

Proposed qualifying races for World Triathlon Championship Finals (Malaga, Spain)

  • Standard Aquabike TBC – Kinloch Triathlon Festival, 11th February 2024
  • Sprint Triathlon – New Plymouth, March 2024
  • Standard Triathlon – Tinman, Mt Maunganui, 19th November 2023
  • Mixed Relay – SB Events, Taupo 24th – 25th February 2024

How many spots do we have:

  • One qualifying event: 16 spots per age-group, per gender and 4 Special Circumstances
  • Two qualifying events: 12 spots per age-group at the National Champs, 6 spots at the Island Championships and 2 Special Circumstances

Nominations and Special Circumstances will open in the 1st of August and close 48 hours after each respective event.  All selection nomination forms and policies can be found HERE.

Eligibility criteria for World Champs selection

You MUST on selection race day:

– Be a citizen of New Zealand, be a permanent resident of New Zealand or have been residing in New Zealand for a minimum of 12 months.

– Be a current member of Tri NZ (TRIBE) and be in good standing with Tri NZ (One Day and Social member excluded)

– Be a current member of a Tri NZ Affiliated Club

– Race qualification standards

You MUST on selection race day:

– finish within 20% of the gendered age group winners time

– finish within the number of allocated slots (based on AG finished position)

*The only exception to the 20% threshold is where the winner finishes 5/10/15 minutes or more ahead of second place. In this instance, the 20% threshold is taken from the second-place getters time.