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Triathlon New Zealand aims at providing an education pathway for coaches ranging from beginner up to expert level. The Coach Accreditation programme is to equip coaches with the knowledge and skills essential to coach athletes at all levels of triathlon. Similarly to give all athletes the confidence that they are engaging with coaches that are qualified.

Benefits Of Becoming An Accredited Triathlon Coach

  • Gain essential skills, knowledge and expertise to coach triathletes in the fundamentals of swimming, cycling, running and transition training.
  • Develop an understanding of the science behind triathlon. Grasp an understanding athlete nutrition, scheduling, sports physiology, growth and development.
  • Insight into the ‘NZ Coaching Strategy’ to learn from the best coaches in New Zealand about effective communication strategy with athletes and relationship building, critical for quality coaching.
  • Obtain a valid qualification endorsed by the ITU and recognised worldwide.
  • Recognised by Triathlon New Zealand as a qualified practising coach and have a listed profile on the TriNZ website. Each listing has the ability for advertisement of your club or business you are associated with.
  • Preferred coaching supplier and promoted to participants, clubs, RSTs, Schools and Government operations.
  • Access to all events within New Zealand
  • Access to Regional & Central government coach development programmes, as well as exclusive coaching opportunities brought forward by Triathlon New Zealand.

Getting involved with the Coaching Community

Before getting involved within the New Zealand coaching community, it is important to define what your primary coaching pathway will be. Understanding this landscape is vital as they may conflict.

The triathlon coaching landscape is made up of 3 specific types of coach pathways:

  • Club Coaches and Volunteers
  • Personal Business Coaches
  • High Performance and Regional Coaches

Whilst the Coach Accreditation programme is designed for all levels of coaches and the continued growth the coaches within New Zealand. TriNZ, as a not-for-profit NSO has to focus its attention on coaches who wish to be associated with Clubs and Communities or High Performance and Regional Coaches. TriNZ is not here to assist Personal Business returns.

"Excellence in sport requires excellence in coaching. Quality coaches have a huge impact on their communities. They spend time with New Zealanders, young and old, and have a positive influence on the life and values of those they come into contact with. If our children are to be truly enriched by their experience in sport, or if New Zealand's elite athletes are to stay in contention for world glory, they must participate and compete with the support of a world-class coaching environment”. - NZ Coaching Strategy

Coaching Pathway

 Level One Intermediate
 Level Two Advanced
 Level Three Expert
Level 1 Accredited Coach

Level One Accreditation

Completion Timeframe – Within 3 Months

Cost – $295 NZ / $395 Overseas

TriNZ’s Level 1 Accreditation Coaching Programme is aimed at intermediate level coaches, who aspire to coach and support beginner level triathletes. This programme aims to the fundamental knowledge and skills essential to teach the basics of Triathlon.

Level 2 Accredited Coach

Level Two Accreditation

NOTE: You must hold a Level One accreditation to undertake Level Two.

Completion Timeframe – Within 6 Months

Cost – $395 NZ / $495 Overseas

TriNZ’s Level 2 Accreditation Coaching Programme is aimed at advanced level coaches, who aspire to coach and support the long term development of competitive triathletes. This programme aims to provide coaches with the information essential for long-term athlete development by supporting triathletes across an annual cycle of training and competing.

Level 3 Accredited Coach

Level Three Accreditation

NOTE: You must hold a Level Two accreditation to undertake Level Three.

Completion Timeframe – Within 12 Months

Cost – $295 NZ / $395 Overseas

TriNZ’s Level 3 Accreditation Coaching Programme is aimed at expert level coaches, who aspire to coach and support world class triathletes. This programme aims to educate coaches to appreciate the value in drawing on the knowledge and experience of peers and mentors. Adopting this collaborative approach creates ‘coaching communities’ providing coaches with the confidence to be innovative and challenge their own beliefs to meet the individual needs of triathletes they coach.

For any more information on the Tri NZ Coaching Accreditation courses, please contact Geoff Holmes at

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