Tri NZ Suzuki Cross Triathlon South Island Championship

24 January 2021,07:00 - 24 January 2021,13:00

The Tri NZ Suzuki Cross Triathlon South Island Championship is brought to you by Fusion Events.


If you’ve raced one of our events before, you’ll know that at Fusion we like to do things a little differently. We’re about encouraging you to push yourself, and we’ll be there to pat you on the back at the finish.


So Elements, like all of our races, is a little different too. You can choose just one stage, two stages (maybe you’re at home on a mountain bike, and you’re a decent runner, but swimming? No thanks!), or the whole triathlon. The choice is yours – and you don’t need to be racing as part of a team either – but you can if you want!


We’ve designed Elements to be both an introduction to multi-discipline racing for those who are new to it, and a serious race for experienced athletes – at the same time and on the same course. We reckon that blend is going to make for some special interactions on race day, and we can’t wait for you to be part of it.