Taupo Junior Race

10 April 2022,08:50 - 10 April 2022,11:30


Taupo Junior Race

Event Schedule

7:20   Athlete Lounge Opens for Check In
7:50   Transition Opens
8:05   Swim Course Open for Warm Up (Junior)
8:35   Transition Closes (Junior)
8:35   Swim Warm Up Closes (Junior)
8:50   Elite Women Start
8:52   Junior Women Start
9:15   Transition Open (Elite)
9:15   Swim Course open for Warm Up (Elite)
10:00 Swim Course Warm Up Closed
10:00 Transition Closed (Elite)
10:15 Elite Men Start
10:17 Junior Men Start
11:30 Podium Presentations


Course Maps can be found here:

Please note the elite start list can be found here:

Live Streaming here