Scott Clinic Race Series #4 "The Hub 2UP Duathlon"

20 August 2017,09:00 - 20 August 2017,12:00

A new exciting event “The 2UP Duathlon”

With this event you can only race as a 2 person team (any distance) no individuals can race so if you are looking for a teammate Facebook could be a good place to start.


During the event you must stay together as a pair and if you arrive at transition without your teammate you will be held till they arrive. During the bike section you are able to draft of your teammate but not any other team so this makes for a fast paced event. The finish time is when both members of the team cross the finish line. Ideally you would stay no more than 5 metres apart but we wont have volunteers out on the course with a tape-measure.


Online Entries Close: 1pm Friday before the event.
Registration: 9:00am
Start time: 10.00am


Event Venue: Haumoana School
Registration: Haumoana School Hall


Event pricing
Tri HB Members $40 This is for 2 person team (Enter on the Day $10 late entry fee – $50)
Non Members $60 This is for 2 person team (Enter on the Day $10 late entry fee – $70)


Peak Fitness Short Course: 2km Run, 14km Cycle, 2km Run
Horleys Middle Course: 4km Run, 21km Cycle, 2km Run
The Hits Long Course: 4km Run, 21km Cycle, 4km Run