Port Nelson Sea Swims

27 February 2020, - 26 March 2020,

The Port Nelson Summer Sea Swims is a weekly open water swim series held between November and March in the Nelson Haven.


Normally held on a Thursday evening with a start time of 6.15pm.


Distances vary between 200m and 1500m, with swimmers choosing between a short or a long course each night.


Also included in the calendar is the Clements Endurance Series of four longer races, spread throughout the season.


The number of participants each night varies between 100 and 150, with an average last year of 135 over the season. Ages range from 10 to 80+.


The series has been held for 33 years. Formerly called the Eyebright series, the events are now under the sponsorship of Port Nelson, organised by a sub-committee of Nelson Triathlon Club.


The weekly sea swims on Thursday nights from November 7.


Clements Endurance Swims – four longer swim events spread through the summer