Future ChampioNZ

15 December 2017,11:00 - 17 December 2017,13:00

The 2017 Festival is again centred in and around Taupo but with some exciting new additions to the racing format.  And for the first time Future ChampioNZ will hold a Mixed Team Relay event in the town centre.  The Mixed Team Relay will make its debut at the Commonwealth Games in 2018 and Tokyo 2020.  Therefore the event had added importance to the medal chances of NZ and we will be supporting this by delivering a workshop on the skills and tactics involved in the dynamic style of racing.

The Future ChampioNZ Festival’s goal is to support the work of the Regional Youth Academies and their coaches, athletes will be encouraged to work with their RYC’s throughout the weekend.

Opportunities will be provided for athletes and regional youth coaches to spend time working on skills and strategies to compliment their racing experiences throughout the weekend.

The over-riding goal of the Future ChampioNZ Festival is to add to the Tri NZ Youth Pathway and ultimately see more Kiwi athletes succeed on the world stage whilst providing a fun and exciting race weekend for all youth athletes.