Challenge Wanaka - Suzuki Aquabike National Championships

16 February 2019,05:30 - 16 February 2019,18:00

After a successful inaugural Aquabike race in 2018, Challenge Wanaka will continue with the  3km swim and 120km bike for 2019!


Host of one of New Zealand’s largest triathlon festivals, Challenge Wanaka is set to hold the Tri NZ Aquabike National Championships.

On a great course with a proven track record this years event is set to thrill!


More information to come!


To enter the Triathlon New Zealand National Championships, you must be both a legal resident or citizen of New Zealand and hold a valid Triathlon New Zealand membership.


When entering the race you must supply your Triathlon New Zealand (TRIBE) membership number to the event organiser via the entry system, failure to do so may result in you not being eligible to be awarded a National Championship medal.


Please note: that due to international season timeframes this event is not able to be a Age Group Selection event for the 2019 ITU Multisport Sport Festival in Pontevedra, Spain.