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The right coach can help you to safely participate, improve your skills, perform to the best of your abilities and gain confidence in your athletic endeavours.

"Excellence in sport requires excellence in coaching... If our children are to be truly enriched by their experience in sport, or if New Zealand's elite athletes are to stay in contention for world glory, they must participate and compete with the support of a world-class coaching environment”. - NZ Coaching Strategy.

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Finding the Perfect Coach

At Tri NZ we want to help pair all triathlon participants at any level with great coaches. Aimed to assist your triathlon development and realise your full potential. To find your perfect coach, you might want to look for a few things:


TriNZ recognises a select few that have undergone an accreditation process. This qualification educates your coach, giving them all the required knowledge needed for effective coaching.

In addition, the TriNZ code of ethics and police vetting form would have needed to be signed, indicating they understand and will adhere to a prescribed set of ethical and lawful behaviours.


Other than accreditation, coaches may have some other qualifications relevant to Triathlon. Enhancing their knowledge base and giving them a greater understanding of the more scientific and technical aspects to the sport.


Past coaching and competitive experience is essential to be a great coach. The more experienced your coach is, the more likely they can help improve your triathlon development both physically and mentally.


To be relevant within the Triathlon community your coach should be active. Being associated with a local club and TriNZ is a great way of being up-to-date and in the loop in terms of events and coach development opportunities.

Positive Attitude

Another fundamental characteristic to go from being a good coach to a great coach! A coach that creates the right environment, will enhance your experience both training and competing.


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Working with your Coach

Once you have found the right coach, here are a few things you need to discuss with them:


It is essential you clearly state your expectations in all areas of training, development and competition. This will avoid potential misunderstandings in the future and assist you establishing a clear plan. Discuss whether you prefer squad or individual training, these should complement your school/work/family routine.

Finally, are they willing to attend competitions? and be with you on your Triathlon journey!


Get a clear outline of cost to avoid confusion during training. Feel comfortable to ‘shop around’ and if you need any help, contact TriNZ!


Discuss what your goals are for the future. Make sure they are SMART Goals - Simple, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.

Developing a plan for both training and competition is essential.

Finally, talk about your commitment to training. Are your goals aligned with how much effort you are willing to put into your personal improvement?


This is key to manage goals and expectations. There should be a set timeframe on how often will you communicate and what method this will be using.


Set-up a regular time period in which you would like the coach to review your progress and give you feedback. This gives you a change to re-evaluate your goals and whether they need to be adjusted.

If you're interested in becoming a coach, click here to find out more.


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