Community Update 21 May 2020

Published Date: 21 May, 2020

Level 2 is well and truly underway, bringing a bit more liberty and a look at what could potentially be the new “Normal” for some areas of our daily lives. Hopefully, we stay on course and look to move to Level 1 soon.


It’s official the Tri NZ Saturday Zwift League is making a comeback – Series 2 was officially launched yesterday with the first race this weekend. This time each race is themed after one of our National Championship distances, so there should be something for everyone! This Saturday’s race has no drafting so make sure you pick your fastest bike setup to get your best TT time!


Within the HP environment Hamish explains that moving to “Level 2 has seen us working with the Athletes and their coaches to reset their 2020 goals towards a winter based in NZ. This is a significant opportunity for athletes to spend an extended period of time working on key areas they want to improve upon without having to build up or back off due to a traditional year with a racing calendar of events.”


This Tribe we spoke to two HP athletes and another two Tri NZ Regional Youth Coaches to see what they have been up to over the past 7 weeks, how they managed the restrictions and any challenges they had to overcome:



Nicole van der Kaay:

Over the lockdown period, I was based in my beautiful home town of Taupo. I was lucky to spend a great amount of time with my family and have been training when and where I could!


Level 4, the majority was based inside where I had set a space to do gym, swim cord sessions, and yoga. I also had beautiful views of Mt Tauhara when I was Zwifting on our deck.


Level 3 was great, where the outdoors was opened up to us, and I got pretty into mountain biking and running in the beautiful forest trails! I’m stoked we have now reached level 2; the pools have opened up, I have returned back to Cambridge and are loving training with others!



Rob Creasy:

The Canterbury athletes moved rapidly to training in the virtual world. Open water swimming quickly replaced the pool, cycling shifted to the wind trainer (big shout out to TriNZ for the Zwift series – great initiative and the athletes love it), and running shifted to the treadmill (Zwift again) and/or laps around the block. The South Island is blessed with great weather at this time of year which made staying inside hard.


Many athletes felt crushed with such an abrupt end to the season, particularly sacrificing the hard training they had done over summer and anticipation for Junior Nationals in New Plymouth that was combined with a World Cup. However, they bounced back rapidly, resolute, and ready to put the time in during the off season to prepare for the coming summer. Regular group discussions led by Axel Reiser explaining mental preparation, motivation and resilience were appreciated by the group, using the down time to reflect and understand how fortunate we are and how we can improve ourselves.



Hannah Knighton:

Although there were downsides, I have quite enjoyed the last seven weeks. I have missed being in the water and training with my friends every day, however, I have a newfound love for Zwift and think I will be taking advantage of the ‘game’ a lot over winter.


Sevy, (I named my sourdough starter) has also never been healthier and used more. The amount of flour I went through during the lockdown is slightly concerning. Along with baking and cooking, uni also kept me busy and provided a mental break from focusing on training. Although I did get sidetracked a few times looking at what bike I needed to buy next on Zwift.


I am very excited to be moving to alert level 2. I am especially looking forward to swimming as a squad (in a heated pool) which always makes even hard sessions enjoyable and fun!



Jansen Rogers:

With level 2 now a week old a lot of athletes are starting to come out of their enforced hibernation. Many continued to train within the confines of their bubbles during levels 4 and 3,  some got creative with their swim facilities from creating a swimming pool using baleage wrap to swimming in the open water, with the temperature down to a chilly 13 degrees – this soon ended!


All in all, everybody got creative with their training to some degree. Others took a break and were gutted that their season came to an end in the manor that it did.


With the move to level 2 people are stoked to be able to get back to some form of normality – getting back to the pool and being able to get out and enjoy the company of their peers.

Planning will now get into full swing to organise a camp in the July School Holidays and creating some virtual events during the winter months.


Hope everyone is enjoying their newfound freedom and looking forward to level 1.

Looking forward to seeing everyone out there doing it – stay safe!



Key Points for Level 2 and beyond


  1. As an HP team, it is important to acknowledge that training together at level 2 is not ‘business as usual’ and it may require a settling in period that will undoubtably throw up some unique challenges
  2. It’s an important time to re-focus your attention towards what you do know and can do rather than becoming distracted by the uncertainty of what lays ahead
  3. Take time to consider others perspectives as we’re all going to need each other if we going to come out of this better than when we entered it.



  1. With the myriad of additional H&S requirements required at level 2 it is easy to get bogged down. Keep things simple – stick to groups of 10, keep a register, do not share equipment!!!
  2. You have a support network out there willing to help and discuss coaching priorities and actions – reach out within the network to Mel, Chris, or Stephen – we are always ready to discuss some key ideas
  3. As events start to come back on-line it is easy for athletes to put their hand up for EVERYTHING – always reflect back on your season goals and objectives and ensure events hit a specific requirement in their preparation