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Welcome to the Triathlon New Zealand Member Club Affiliation page

The purpose of annual club affiliation is for Tri NZ to gather up-to-date contact details to improve our communication with all clubs, it will take around 10 minutes to fill out and will require you to enter key club contacts (E.g. President name and email address).  On completion of the form you will be emailed an invoice for the club affiliation annual fee of $250+GST.


Triathlon NZ recommends that Clubs establish a president and secretary email address for the club, which can be passed on as these members change. ie president[triathlonclub] This will allow seamless ongoing communication.

Benefits of being a member club of Triathlon New Zealand

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Club development tools, resources and support
  • Access to sponsor product and benefits
  • Increased likelihood of receiving charitable funding (please email if you require a letter of support for specific funding)
  • Advocacy on behalf with ITU, Sport NZ, and Government

Frequently Asked Questions

To be and remain approved by the Board as an Affiliated Club within the terms of this Constitution a club must:

  • be incorporated under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908, or the Charities Act 2005, or at the discretion of the Board in each case, be an unincorporated group with objects and activities significantly aligned with those of Tri NZ; and
  • have as its members individual members and any other members it considers appropriate; and
  • maintain a register of its members in the format determined by the Board; and
  • ensure that all of its members are also registered as Members who pay the Membership Fee to Tri NZ; and
  • pay to Tri NZ the Affiliation Fee; and
  • ensure that all persons undertaking any Coaching that is endorsed by the club (other than Coaching provided on an ad hoc or one off basis) are Accredited or otherwise approved by Tri NZ; and
  • comply with, and require each of its members to comply with this Constitution, the Code of Conduct and all bylaws, regulations and resolutions of the ITU, Sport NZ and Tri NZ; and
  • ensure all club Events are Endorsed or Sanctioned or otherwise approved by Tri NZ.

Please note all Tri NZ affiliated clubs must abide by the Tri NZ Code of Conduct


  • Adult (over 23) $25
  • Junior (16-23) $15
  • Youth (U16) $10
  • Social $10


Social membership does not cover one-day membership fees at any National Championship, Selection Event or Sanctioned/Endorsed Events. The social membership is designed to cover new entrants to clubs who may not be at event participation level or have limited access to club activity. e.g. belong to the club, do not do triathlon but turns up to swim squad etc. 

If you have a club that is affiliated with another national body i.e. Athletics NZ, only those members who are triathletes are required to be members of Tri NZ.  However, the non-triathlon members must be members of the other national body affiliated with.

All Club operated events will need to be endorsed or sanctioned. This is completed during the Club affiliation process.

Club Event Endorsement is Health & Safety documents and event information for Tri NZ to promote the event. Documents are not additional but are what the club provide already to local councils during their event permitting process. Here is a Endorsed checklist.


Endorsed Event $50 + GST for the event.


Clarity on ‘Event’
• Event = this does not include training sessions. These are events that have an entry fee, are timed, and are advertised as events through the club
• Event Series = an event that recurs at the same location, with the same health and safety and permitting plans.

In the instance of a club running an event series as defined above, the endorsement would be of the entire series at the singular endorsement cost structure (per season).

If your club runs an ‘event series’ that occurs on different courses and/or across different disciplines, each event in the series will need to be endorsed separately.

Club Event One Day Membership

Any events which take place after June 1 2020 will need to have One Day Memberships applied.

An information sheet on this can be seen here  or in the picture below.

However, in short this applies to:

  • Events with over 150 participants and,
  • Races that are sprint distance or longer.

The information sheet should answer most queries, but if you’re unsure or have any questions please let us know.


Should you have any queries or concerns regarding these affiliation requirements please do not hesitate to contact us