2017-18 Board Nominees

The Triathlon New Zealand Board is made up of four elected members (called Part A members who are elected by ballot of the membership) and three appointed members (called Part B members appointed by a Board Appointments Panel). For 2017/18 two Part A member slots are up for election and two Part B slots are up for appointment.


If you are a registered member of Triathlon New Zealand Inc. (TRIBE) you are eligible to cast your vote for Part A member slots. To register as a member of Triathlon New Zealand CLICK HERE.


You are permitted to vote once only, and you may vote for up to two candidates (voting for just one candidate is allowable).


Ballot Time Frame

Voting is open from Tuesday 11th July and closes on Wednesday 26th July 2017


Security & Independence

The ballot process is independently managed by RSM Hayes Audit, and your vote is fully secure. If you have any questions regarding any part of this ballot process, please contact RSM Hayes Audit on 09 367 1656.