Club Info

Welcome to the Triathlon New Zealand Member Club Affiliation page.  The purpose of annual club affiliation is for Tri NZ to gather up-to-date contact details to improve our communication with all clubs, it will take around 10 minutes to fill out and will require you to enter key club contacts (E.g. President name and email address).  On completion of the form you will be emailed an invoice for the club affiliation annual fee of $250+GST.


Conditions for approval of affiliated clubs (see Tri NZ Constitution Section 4.4):

  • Be incorporated under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908
  • Ensure all club members are members of Tri NZ
  • Provide club database if required
  • Pay the Tri NZ affiliation fee
  • Ensure all those coaching on behalf of the club are registered Tri NZ coaches

Please note all Tri NZ affiliated clubs must abide by the Tri NZ Code of Conduct

Benefits of being a member club of Triathlon New Zealand

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Club development tools, resources and support
  • Access to sponsor product and benefits
  • Increased likelihood of receiving charitable funding (please email if you require a letter of support for specific funding)
  • Advocacy on behalf with ITU, Sport NZ, and Government

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a club that is affiliated with another national body i.e. Athletics NZ, only those members who are triathletes are required to be members of Tri NZ.  However, the non-triathlon members must be members of the other national body affiliated with.