Coach - Axel Reiser/Carl Gordon/Tess Mattern
Hobbies - Golf, cricket, mountain biking, skiing, surfing, football, adventure racing, and travelling
Best Achievement - 30th in the 2022 elite junior world champs
Reason for getting into Triathlon - I’ve always been into a number of sports from a young age. Cross country running was one of them which I have done competitively for quite some time. Through my early years of high school, I also started to compete in some of the local triathlon races which I found I enjoyed quite a lot
Describe yourself in three words - Motivated, optimistic, humble
Do you work/study? I am currently in my first year doing a bachelor of science at the University of Canterbury. I also work part time at a pharmacy delivering pharmaceuticals
What motivates you to become an elite Triathlete? Watching the pros on TV growing up has always been an inspiration for me to be there some day. I’ve been loving the process so far and having awesome training partners makes it even more exciting. In the past year I’ve been lucky enough to travel to some pretty cool places doing what I love. I’m looking forward to chipping away at my dream to travel the world doing triathlon.