Athlete Development

The goal of our High Performance Athlete Development model is “to provide a structured platform for athletes to develop and progress in to world-class triathletes.”


Our key underlying philosophies of this model are:

  • Development takes time, hard work and perseverance.
  • Age and stage appropriate challenge and support is required and can’t be rushed.
  • The learned habits of world-class athletes are necessary for success.

We will implement these philosophies by:

  • Providing fun and social group environments for training, for athletes to challenge each other and learn together.
  • Facilitating learning opportunities to teach athletes the learned habits of excellence and an understanding of what it takes to succeed in Triathlon.
  • Building our communication channels so our community knows what is available.
  • We will build resources and learning opportunities for clubs, coaches and parents.
  • We will advocate for age and stage appropriate events.
  • We will provide insights and access to the High Performance environment at appropriate times.

Our full athlete development model will be available here soon.


Triathlon NZ has four Regional Youth Academies (RYAs) are integral in the delivery our athlete development model. These provide young aspiring athletes social, and structured development environments within regions. RYAs are run by coaches who are directly connected to our High Performance Unit.


Each RYA has its own structure and affiliation with local Triathlon Clubs, however across New Zealand RYAs have regional camps. These 2-5 day opportunities allow young athletes to experience fun, challenging learning environments with their peers. See here for the calendar of regional camps.


For any athlete development questions contact our High performance athlete development leader Chris Willett on

Regional Youth Academy Contact details


Axel Rieser (029 982 2966)

TRI swim squad:
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (19-20:30 @ Jelly Park)
  • Friday (6-7 am @ Jelly Park)
  • Saturday (9-10:30 am @ Waitaha Pool)
CTA sessions coached (all year):
  • Monday: Run session (16:30 – 18:00 @ odd weeks: Rawhiti Domain, New Brighton & even weeks: Hansen Park, St Martins)
  • Tuesday: S&C combined with run or bike (depending on athlete focus) + rock climb (16:30-17:30/18:00 @ Waltham Pool)
  • Thursday:  Bike-run session on wahoo kickr group bike program OR outdoor + transition (16:15 – 17:45 @ Waltham Pool)
  • Saturday:  swim-bike brick combined with normal swim session
Summer time table adjustments:
  • Swimming: outdoor pool sessions @ Waltham or Jelly Park
  • Tuesday: Bike techniques session  + S&C combined
  • Saturday: Open water brick session – either swim-run or NEW specific swim-bike training. Locations: Scarborough Bach, Taylors Mistake Beach, Corsair Bay, Pegasus Lake


Lower North Island/Manawatu Triathlon Academy

Tammy (022 102 6991)

Winter Programme:

  • Thursdays 545-7pm – Running/strength session at the Massey Track ( All groups).
  • Saturdays 530-7pm – Swimming/ OW swimming skills PNBHS Pool ( All groups)

Summer Programme:

  • Thursdays 545-7pm – Running/strength session at the Massey Track ( All groups).
  • Saturdays 9-11am Surf Life Saving in Levin
  • Tuesday 5-630pm cycle skills, transition work and team races.

Head to either the Facebook page or Website for more information


Waikato/Bay of Plenty

Chris Willett (021 188 1286)


Jansen Rogers (021 413 475)


Ali Feeney (