Aquathlon World Championships Welcomes More Kiwi’s to the Podium

Aquathlon Team
Published Date: 28 August, 2017

After many scorching, hot days of racing the Kiwi contingent racing this morning for the Aquathlon World Championships were relieved to be met with cooler conditions than earlier in the week.


There were 29 athletes from the NZ team who raced, the majority Age Group team members, but there were two men, racing U23 Elite Men who also took to the course representing NZ.


Kyle Smith followed a stellar Cross Triathlon performance on Wednesday with a bronze medal finish in the Aquathlon championships this morning- an impressive feat especially given the little recovery time he had.


Fellow New Zealander Nick Sasse also debuted in the U23 Mens Elite race for the Aqauthlon race- securing 7th place in a very fast paced field.


It was a much cooler start to the day with 10 degrees as age group athletes made their way to the race venue in Penticton. Due to the race taking place in a fresh water lake, many had described the swim leg of the race as being in ‘dead water’ with little buoyancy other than that offered by wetsuits which the athletes race in.


Although the use of wetsuits was legal, athletes could choose to swim without them should they feel inclined. New Zealand 25-29 age grouped female Taryn Ryan was one who decided against the idea, opting for a quicker transition and having full confidence in her swimming strength. A decision which reaped its worth as she was not only first in her age group, but the first overall female in the age group racing.


Other Kiwi’s who made it onto the podium in their respective age category were:


Megan Greensmith             16-19                     1st

Stephen Sheldrake              40-44                     1st

Vicki Fleming                        45-49                     1st

Matthew Clough                  16-19                     2nd

Angie Keen                            25-29                     2nd

Garth Barfoot                       80-84                     2nd

Samantha Owles                  35-39                     3rd

Margaret Rose Ward           65-69                     3rd


Racing in Penticton wraps up on Sunday, with the Aquabike and Long Distance Triathlon World Championships.

View race results here.