Age-Group World Championships

The New Zealand Age-Group Team is recognised as the national Age-Group side that competes in the ITU Age-Group World Championships alongside the Elite World Championships. In 2021, two teams will represent New Zealand across eight events in the ITU Grand Final, venue and date to be confirmed and the ITU Multisport World Championships in Almere, the Netherlands, date to be confirmed.

2021 Team Information

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 both the 2020 ITU World Championships in Almere, the Netherlands and the ITU Grand Final in Edmonton, Canada were cancelled. As a result the following locations and dates for 2021 have been set.

2021 ITU Multisport World Championships : Almere, the Netherlands in September 2021

2021 ITU Grand Final : Venue and date to be confirmed by the ITU

All athletes that were selected for the Triathlon NZ 2020 Age-Group teams heading to either the ITU Grand Final in Edmonton or the ITU Multisport World Championships in Almere, the Netherlands will retain their spot in the 2021 team but must validate this by competing in the equivalent event in the 2020-2021 National Series. If an athlete is unable to compete at an event then a Special Circumstances Application must be submitted with the 2020 qualification being taken into consideration.

If you will to validate spot you must also complete the validation form to confirm this.

Upon accepting their position onto an Age Group team by completing the team admin form the Athlete agrees to the following Athlete Agreement.

Find the Athlete Agreement by clicking here: Age Group World Championship Athlete Agreement 2021

Representing Tri NZ at an ITU world Championships as an Age Group Athlete is self-funded.

From year to year there are common responsibilities for team members with associated costs. A summary is below:

  1. Team Admin Form & Fee= $275 + Active Service Fee
  2. Uniform=  estimated at $350(GST exclusive).
  3. Race Entry Fee-  $320USD – $800USD (varying depending on location of World Champs & race distance). 
  4. Tri NZ Nominated Insurance through AON- $23.50- $30.50 per day (varying depending on level of cover). 
  5. Travel and accommodation- varying depending on the event location. 

More information on the above can be seen in the latter information tabs.

This admin fee helps maintain the sustainability of the age group program including the services provided by the Community Manager/ Team Manager for ITU World Championship Teams.

Including, but not limited to;

  • running a fair selection process to gain selection into a World Championship team
  • supporting the appointment of National Championships & Age Group Selection Events
  • working with partners and suppliers to ensure Age Group Athletes are receiving quality services and product (Travel, Uniform and Insurance)
  • regular communications with athletes in the lead up to a world championships
  • supplying athletes and clubs with letters of support for subsidies and/ funding or sponsorship.
  • *on ground support at the World Championships

Please note as a result of Covid-19 there may be significant changes to the Insurance requirements for 2021.

Compulsory AON Insurance

Insurance requirements mean the athlete uptakes the insurance from the day of their departure- until their return. 

Price estimations:
5 days including bike=  $152.50
5 days excluding bike= $117.50
10 day including bike= $305
10 day excluding bike= $235


Tri NZ is required by ITU to ensure that all NZ Age Group Team athletes who take part in an ITU Age Group event are covered by an insurance policy that meets ITU’s minimum requirements. Tri NZ has identified an insurer that is willing to provide a compliant policy and has decided to mandate the use of this policy as a condition to inclusion in the NZ Age Group Team.

Through Aon (Tri NZ’s broker), expressions of interest were sought for the provision of an ITU compliant policy from a wide selection of insurers. ITU’s insurance requirements only apply to competition days but we were unable to secure an insurer willing to provide a policy for competition days only. Insurers approached were only willing to provide a policy that covers the entire period of travel (i.e. – from when an athlete leaves NZ until when he or she returns to NZ).

In recent years, there have been a large numbers of claims made by NZ Age Group Team athletes. This has resulted in an increase in premiums going forward.

The majority of historic claims relate to damage to bikes and medical support. The ITU minimum requirements do not mandate that an athlete must have insurance cover for their bike. Accordingly, and to provide informed choice for our NZ Age Group Team athletes, we have negotiated two policy options:

  • a policy that meets ITU minimum requirements but which does not cover damage to bikes; and
  • a policy which meets ITU minimum requirements and also includes cover for damage to bikes.

It is a condition of inclusion in the NZ Age Group Team (through the Athlete Agreement) that athletes take out one of these two policies. Please note that, for the reasons set out above, these policies must be taken out for the entire period of travel (and not just the competition days, as required by ITU). Tri NZ is unable to consider alternative polices because we do not have the resources or expertise to assess any alternative policy against ITU minimum requirements.

Tri NZ receives commission from Aon in connection with policies taken out by NZ Age Group Team athletes. We have decided to reduce that commission to help reduce the increased policy costs for our athletes. Set out below is a table showing comparative costs between the 2017 and the 2018 competition years.

A comparative breakdown can be seen here.

I have personal sponsors, can I get their logo on my team uniform? Yes!

The ITU have strict guidelines for the printing on race suits and Tri NZ have developed some guidelines for printing on other team uniform items. For more information check out this document. 

Please note you are only able to race in racesuits that have been approved by the ITU

Congratulations to all of our 2019 Age-Group Athletes who competed at the World Championships.

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