AG Policies, Selection Criteria and Nomination Links

Selection events and policies for the 2017/18 season are not available yet. Please check back soon.


All athletes wishing to compete in the ITU Age Group World Championships (Multisport and/or Triathlon) must meet selection requirements set by Triathlon New Zealand.


Applications for the 2017 World Championships have already closed and the NZ Age Group Team announced here.

For the Selection nomination form required to be considered for the 2018 Age Group teams click here.
This is for athletes who are competing in a 2018 NZ selection event.
If extenuating circumstances prevent you from competing overseas, complete a Special Circumstance application, found here.

Eligibility criteria

You MUST on selection race day:

  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of New Zealand
  • Be a current member of Tri NZ (TRIBE) and be in good standing with Tri NZ
  • Be a current member of a Tri NZ Affiliated Club


Race qualification standards

You MUST on selection race day:

  • finish within 20% of the gendered age group winners time
  • finish within the number of allocated slots (based on AG finished position)

To be selected in the NZ Age Group Team athletes should:


  • Compete in a selection event
  • Meet eligibility requirements
  • Meet race qualification standards
  • Complete and return a Selection Nomination Form no later than two working days after the selection event

These events are privately owned and operated independently of the ITU World Championships. Selection information on Kona and Xterra can be found on their website.


Athletes competing in these events are also encouraged to take out Triathlon New Zealand’s Insurance Policy to ensure they are adequately insured while travelling, competing and training.


For more information on this policy, contact the Age Group Experience Manager at

If circumstances prevent the athlete travelling to New Zealand to attend the selection event, they may still be considered under special circumstance selection. However, the following must apply to the athlete:


  • Must be a Triathlon New Zealand member (TRIBE) and New Zealand citizen.
  • Must complete the online application within 2 working days of the final New Zealand selection race of that discipline.
  • Member of an affiliated Triathlon New Zealand club*


Consideration will be given to athletes who are unable to compete in (or finish) the selection event, however, there is a limited capacity for these considerations and selection will be at the discretion of the Age Group Selection Committee.


Athletes who:


  • have entered a selection event and their performance was adversely affected by illness/injury/mechanical problems. The athlete must complete and submit their Special Circumstance Form online within 2 working days of the selection race that they had entered and for which their performance was affected.
  • are unable to compete at any selection event due to health/surgery/other extenuating circumstances. The athlete must complete and submit their special circumstance form online within 2 working days of the final selection race of that discipline.
  • have raced in Junior Elites or Under 23 selection races but not age group selection races will not receive automatic selection into age group teams. For such athletes, a Special Circumstance Form must be completed within 2 working days of the final age group selection event of that discipline.


*It’s not compulsory for athletes to belong to an affiliated club but Triathlon New Zealand encourages all athletes to.